Nothing fills a room with as much Christmas cheer as the fresh fragrance of a real authentic Apex Pine!

If you are looking for a fragrant fresh Christmas tree for your home or office then we can help. Apex Pines has been selling Christmas trees from our outlets and putting festive cheer into Aucklander’s homes and workplaces around for nearly 30 years now.

Or maybe you looking for some extra holiday income for the coming Christmas holidays? Because let’s face it, we can all do with that sometimes. You may be a home owner, student or a fundraising group with a location to sell from, and like our Christmas trees we often get told that our service is second to none. We deliver daily, minimum order sizes apply.

With Christmas so fast approaching thank goodness we are only a click away, we hope to hear from you soon and we hope to see you in our travels, “Merry Christmas” from the Apex team!

Onsite Christmas Trees

Derek started Apex Pines as a student in 1992, back when there was encyclopedias and Yellow Pages instead of Google, and 3 years later was supplying other equally enterprising students looking for a source of holiday income.

The main Apex Pines site on Lunn Ave in the PlaceMakers car park, Mt Wellington, has been up and going for more than 20 years! Back when there were hardly any buildings on Lunn Ave and Stonefields was a Winstones quarry.

We are very proud of our specially grown trees, and for good reason, our grower first started growing Christmas trees in the 80’s. That doesn’t only make him old, but that also makes him very good at growing the perfect Christmas tree, he loves what he is doing and puts his heart into caring for every tree. Unlike other growers Christmas tree growing is his fulltime living so he has become a specialist at it.

Onsite Christmas Trees2