Our Christmas Trees

Apex Pines Christmas trees are grown specially to be the best looking Christmas trees possible, our trees are bushy, shaped and manicured.

Our trees are 100% natural and renewable, when one of our Christmas trees are cut down to be enjoyed your home during Christmas, another seedling is then planted in its place.

People love the fragrance of our trees.

Our Christmas trees are 2.5 years to 4.5 years old, with variety like that you will be able to choose the right tree for you to fill your home with festive cheer!

Our grower first started growing Christmas trees in the 80’s, that doesn’t only make him old, that also makes him very good at growing the perfect Christmas tree. Unlike other growers this is his full time living so he has become a specialist at it.

Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care


Water, water, and more water, yup that’s about it. This is very important, just like flowers from the florist our Christmas trees need water to last longer. Ensure that the water is always topped up, check it regularly. As soon as the water runs out the end of the stump dries up and will not drink much if any water after that

Christmas Tree Stand

Tree Stand

If you have purchased a Christmas tree stand, or are using one from the year before, then your stand will already have a built in water reservoir. However, if you are using a bucket then please ensure that is a strong bucket that you can pack with decent sized stones (the size of your fist) between the bucket wall and the trunk of the tree. Large stones in a bucket ensures that there is enough gaps for the volume of water the tree needs to drink, so for that reason avoid using sand.

Direct Sunlight

Keep your Apex Pine out of direct sunlight, so avoid placing in front of a sunny window even though we know first-hand how tempting it is to show off your gorgeous Apex Pines Christmas tree!